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Weight Management

Sustainable Weight Management

Sustainable weight management means that you will naturally lose weight by making healthy choices, staying active, and, most important, keeping a positive attitude. A positive attitude will help you maintain the right mindset, and you will achieve your goals with ease.


I understand that life happens and we have our ups & downs; this is why it is essential to learn what to eat, how much to eat, what to eat when you are in a hurry or under stress, and how to enjoy food in a social setting.


This is real life. In real life, diets don't' work; diets will work only for a couple of weeks, and you will get tired of them. Diets will make you feel isolated, and you will not feel comfortable when you are at a party, vacation, or holiday.


Learning what to eat at all events is the backbone of my program.


This program will help you to manage emotional eating by learning techniques to reduce stress and anxiety.

My plan is comprehensive and realistic; it includes: 


  • -Personalized nutrition guidance, 

  • -Fitness plan, 

  • -Accountability

  • -Positive Habits implementation (My favorite part, this is where lifelong changes happen)


The plan is easy, and you will follow it even when you are on vacation, party, or at the weekends.


Our focus:

  • Find your motivations

  • Learn to be relaxed without food

  • Count and celebrate your milestones


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The purpose of this program is to build a healthy, maintainable lifestyle.