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Weight Management Program

3 Month Program

  • 30 minutos
  • 75 US dollars
  • Online Session

Descripción del servicio

I have created a comprehensive program that includes personalized nutrition guidance, fitness plan, and a special focus on adapting positive habits to your life. The combination of these three tools will help you lose weight and to keep it off after the year's pass. The Nutrition guidance you will receive is realistic and personalized based on your lifestyle, food intolerances, and food preferences. The meal plan is easy, and you will be able to follow even when you are on vacation, party, or at the weekends. The fitness plan goal is to keep your body active. You will do the workout that you enjoy, and that is suitable for your fitness level. Changing habits is my favorite part of this program. You will learn to practice the habits that are good for you, and that helps you to achieve your health goals. We will work on the ones that are not good for you, and we will find solutions to change those habits into positive ones. Our focus: Find your motivations Learn to be relaxed without food Count and celebrate your milestones The purpose of this program is to build a healthy, maintainable lifestyle.