My approach to
life & health

We are energy; our life feeds on food,  emotions,  exercise, and experiences. Bringing good things to our bodies will improve our mental and physical health.


This is why I practice Yoga, and I eat the healthiest food I can find. The last piece of this puzzle is happiness, and we can do a lot of things to be happy, like talking to friends, enjoying a sunset, a walk in the park, taking time for ourselves, reading a book, or just been connected to our loved ones.


You can only be healthy if you take care of your physical body, emotional body, and mental health. 


Losing weight is a tiny part of the equation. Most people want to lose weight, and they think that if they lose those 10 pounds, they will be happier, get married, or do anything. 


The truth is if you integrate optimal nutrition, exercise, and happiness, your body weight will stabilize by itself. It will find a healthy number. The one that your body is supposed to be.


Life and health are our most valuable treasures. If we are healthy, we can take care of our loved ones and spend memorable times with them. When our health is compromised, we can't give our best.


Taking care of your body is a responsibility that we must take very seriously. Our life depends on it.


The gift of healthy food and Yoga practice is available for all of us; we only need to educate ourselves and commit to it. If we know how to piece them together, we will have a fountain of youth.

I coach people with compassion and understanding. My holistic approach helps individuals to integrate their lives physically and spiritually.  


The success of my yoga classes and nutrition plan is that people change their lives for good. 


If this is what you want, then let's start today.


My vision

I want to help people to break free from negative body image, and social shame; and help them to shift into a life full of

Joy, Happiness and Good Energy.

Sandra Akins • Certified Nutrition Coach & Yoga Instructor